Little red cup


I have a friend who, like me, has a love for coffee.  She, in fact, has tossed around the idea to open up a coffee shop of her own one day.  We have visited several coffee shops looking for what the area might be missing.  We also are in constant "seek" mode to see what works at the shops we visit along with things that don't.

She was the one who found this little shop and so when she asked if I wanted to go back with her of course I did.

I was surprised at how busy this place was.  It is in a prime location with views of a ferry termnial along with cute little gardens to meander through on nicer afternoons.  With it's trademark red cups and quirky decor including a man breaking through the celing? It makes for an interesting place to hang out.

Today I count 3 laptops and several groups of ladies who are lunching.  One group in particular is very loud...but it's a "happy" friendly kind of loud.  I am also surprised with how many men are here today.  This place is pretty cutsy.  But there are still several men.  Two of which seem to be here for a meeting of some sort.

There are two collage aged people using the tables by the Windows.  It seems like  in many of the coffee shops I pop into there are collage aged people by the Windows.  I guess that is better than slinking off into a dark and gloomy corner table.  I, personally, seem gravitate twords the window seats myself, so I do see the draw there.  My friend and I are going to take a stroll through the garden now.

Time to scoot.
Enjoy your day.