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I have decided that although I do enjoy coffee shopping alone, I enjoy it even more with company.  Today I am joined by Xavier.

He doesn’t usually drink coffee…let me rephrase that, he never drinks coffee. (I know, right???)  I have discovered, however, that he does

enjoy a london fog.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, It is earl grey tea with cream, vanilla, and topped off with foamed milk.


Today we have a window seat.  The sun is very bright.  Lots of foot traffic to watch as we sit.  Many people coming in and out.  Right now I am distracted.

A woman just parallel parked just outside the window and although there is not very many parking spots…she has decided to take up two of them. 


There are three young men at the gathering table today.  They look the collage type.  They are here to enjoy coffee though and have no books.


There is a young lady sitting along the brick wall.  She is studying on a computer.  She is taking notes on a yellow ruled note pad.  My oldest son,

who is in collage this year, also prefers to use those yellow note pads.  Talk about “old school.” 


A couple just came through.  They have gotten their coffee’s to go.  A young lady was sitting across from us.  She was busy on a laptop also when we came in but

she has left now.  I remember seeing her leave because she had a huge bag with her and she was tiny.  Another woman came in.  She opened the little door to our window seat

(that we had closed)  It was odd.  At first we thought maybe she didn’t think anyone was in here, but she was just after a paper sitting on the edge of our counter.


Our barista was awesome.  The coffee was real tasty and done to perfection.  Yum.  Xavier is growing restless…So I think it’s time to scoot.


Enjoy your afternoon.